Deploying subdirectories to Heroku

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Heroku is a great way to deploy and test your application in a real-life scenario. The elegance of Heroku is that it fits into a development workflow by deploying an application when you push a branch to it from your git repository. But how do you deploy only part of your project?

Let’s say you have your project, cool web application, and it consists out of several directories, one of which is your deployable application application. Other directories could be things like documentation, PSDs from designers, etc. If you would push the entire repository to heroku you will be greeted with the error message Heroku push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected. This is due to the fact that your actual application is a subdirectory of the git repository. Heroku expects to find the project files at the top level.

Luckily, git can help us out in this situation by only pushing a subtree to heroku. In the top-level directory of your git repository, just tell git to push a subtree to heroku from the DIRECTORY which you pass along in the --prefix parameter.

git subtree push --prefix DIRECTORY heroku master

From there heroku will now only receive your application and not the other files from the git respository.

Problem solved!

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