A new theme for GNU Emacs

less than 1 minute read

I have ported the space gray theme for XCode to GNU Emacs. It provides a soothing grey theme that is soft on the eyes and has great readability in light and dark environments.

Once the pull request has been merged it will be available on Melpa. You can then install it using M-x package-install RET arjen-grey-theme. Until that time you will need to download the code from github, clone it and install it by running M-x package-install-file RET /path/to/arjen-grey-theme.el.

Obviously I am open to pull requests to add specific faces. Currently all the default font-lock faces are covered and I added several helm specfic faces as well.

Curious as to what it looks like? Have a gander at the following screenshot:


If you use it and like, drop me a line on twitter (@credmp) or leave a message on the disqus board below.