Back in february I built my new desktop, but I have always had the problem that Linux Mint would boot with a blank / black screen using the NVIDIA GeFroce GTX 1050 Ti. This makes booting an exciting business as LUKS will prompt for a password to decrypt my disks. So I would watch the disk LED to see where the boot process would stop and wait for a password to be entered. Once Xorg starts the screens would pop to live, showing the graphical login screen. Today I fixed that!

Obviously it is far from ideal to not be able to see what is going on when you boot your machine, especially when you upgrade kernels. It would be horrible to just stare at a blank screen and not have any idea what is going on, just waiting for that moment that the X11 window system kicks in. The only way to salvage a situation where the system just hangs is to perform a live boot from a USB device and then chroot into the existing Linux installation. This can be quite a task when you have a LUKS setup.

After some trial and error I finally have a /etc/default/grub that works. The following is part of the file that I have edited, the rest of the file I left at their default values.



After changing the file you need to run sudo update-grub to regenerate the grub files in /boot.

When you restart your computer you should see all the boot messages and also the LUKS prompt for your password. Happy Days!