Stuff Learned From Threesixfive

1 minute read

I wrote a small application called threesixfive which generates my 365 gallery from my Instagram account. As with all development activities I learned some new things.

The application itself is straightforward; read my recent posts and take each one where the caption starts with xxx/365 and take that data to create a Jekyll post from it. Even though it is so straightforward I still ran into some things that I can imagine will be helpful for others as well.

Getting a date from epoch

It turns out that clj-time is an extremely easy and well done library, but somehow misses the possibility to create a new DateTime from an epoch timestamp. So I wrote a small helper that takes the epoch time and adds the epoch timestamp to it.

(defn epoch->datetime [secondsSinceEpoch]
  (t/plus (t/epoch) (t/seconds secondsSinceEpoch)))

Writing an web image to a file

As I wanted to download items from my Instagram feed (images) to my Jekyll blog I needed to download them. Just doing a GET does not suffice of course. In clojure this problem can be solve quite elegantly, returning either nil or throwing an IOException:

(defn retrieve-image [url filename]
   (:body (client/get url {:as :stream}))
   ( filename)))

Creating proper tests saves a lot of time

Taking the time to write some tests saves a lot of time finding problems in the code. In Cider you can easily run the tests with C-, and you will get direct feedback which is not intrusive at all.