Lein Instant Cheatsheet

less than 1 minute read

I found the most amazing leiningen plugin today; lein-instant-cheatsheet. When you run lein instant-cheatsheet it scans your project file and creates the doc...

Installing GNU Emacs

1 minute read

On Mac OS X it is just a breeze to install GNU Emacs, either the stable or the development version.

Stuff Learned From Threesixfive

1 minute read

I wrote a small application called threesixfive which generates my 365 gallery from my Instagram account. As with all development activities I learned some n...

A new theme for GNU Emacs

less than 1 minute read

I have ported the space gray theme for XCode to GNU Emacs. It provides a soothing grey theme that is soft on the eyes and has great readability in light and ...

Deploying subdirectories to Heroku

1 minute read

Heroku is a great way to deploy and test your application in a real-life scenario. The elegance of Heroku is that it fits into a development workflow by depl...

Happy Numbers

2 minute read

Over at Hacker News an article was posted called Embarrassing code I wrote under stress at a job interview. In it the author describes some code he wrote whi...

ClojureScript and Figwheel

less than 1 minute read

Last week I wrote about Clojure and I posted a video about fighweel. After the post a talk by the original author was posted from the Clojure/West Conference...


1 minute read

For a side project I started using Clojure. This is an experiment in functional programming with a Lisp syntax. The great thing about clojure is that it runs...

Erlang OAuth2, an implementation

1 minute read

In the previous 2 articles (here and here) I wrote about the implementation of JWT in the OAuth2 library. Today I want to talk about the actual code needed t...

Erlang OAuth2, Architecture

3 minute read

In my previous post I explained the steps I am taking to bring JWT to the OAuth2 library that I have forked for this development. In this post I will take a ...

Erlang OAuth2, Implementing JWT

5 minute read

The Erlang eco system is slowly becoming more mature. For a project I am working on I require something that does not exist yet, an OAuth2 server which has s...