Patching a vulnerable Emacs on Arch Linux

1 minute read

With the recent security vulnerability in GNU Emacs, versions prior to (and including) 25.2, you might want update your Emacs. Currently the Emacs package in...

Emacs discoverability

1 minute read

Emacs is a wonderful piece of technology. It is extensible and after you use it for a while it becomes unique to you, the user. It basically becomes an exten...

Installing GNU Emacs

1 minute read

On Mac OS X it is just a breeze to install GNU Emacs, either the stable or the development version.

A new theme for GNU Emacs

less than 1 minute read

I have ported the space gray theme for XCode to GNU Emacs. It provides a soothing grey theme that is soft on the eyes and has great readability in light and ...

Multi-file Editing for LaTeX in Emacs

1 minute read

When I edit large research papers in LaTeX it tends to become a quite large file with lots of distractions. Things like package statements, settings and othe...

Gaining some perspective in Emacs

2 minute read

A clean desk is a clean mind. If you are like me and do a lot of work inside of Emacs you will have a buffer list that is quite large. Pressing C-x b will sh...

Building Emacs for Mac OS X

2 minute read

On December 23rd Stefan Monnier announced that the trunk, on which GNU Emacs is developed, has been frozen. This means that no new features will be added unt...

Source code as a programming font

1 minute read

Adobe released their Source Code Pro font to the public back in 2012. This font is very kind to the eyes of a programmer and might be something you would lik...