The new Garmin Express

1 minute read

Yesterday Garmin switched over their website to the new look and feel. They announced that a major revamp was coming at the last CES conference and this is the first step.

One of the other changes is that they will ditch the current ANT Helper application for their new and improved Garmin Express. When you press the Get Started button it will actually tell you to download Garmin Express to start syncing with Garmin Connect.

I downloaded the application and figured it would just be plug and play. It actually took me some time to get it going and to safe others from the same problem I thought I would quickly tell you how I did it.

When you start Garmin Express it showed me my ForeRunner 610, however the device fails to connect whatever you try. I finally decided to choose the option Remove the device from Garmin Express. Be sure to choose for the option to keep it in Garmin Connect from the popup that you get. At this point you can set your watch in Initial Pairing mode (Menu - System - Data Transfer - Initial Pairing) and add a new device to Garmin Express.

It should be found now and you can perform the suggested firmware updates as seen below.

Garmin Express

Hope this helps you through the first steps of Garmin Express and the new Garmin Connect.

Happy running!